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Hypnotherapy helps you reduce anxiety, sleep better, and regain your focus,
positivity and energy.

About Me

Clinical Hypnotherapist - HPD, DSFH, CNHC reg, AfSFH reg

I first became interested in hypnotherapy when a zip wiring experience triggered a fear of heights, which then started affecting me when driving a car over bridges and heights.  Hypnotherapy helped me to take control of my symptoms and, most importantly, keep me driving.


Through my hypnotherapy training at the renowned Clifton Practice in Bristol, I started understanding the important connections between mental wellbeing and sleep. This made real sense to me, as I know that when I'm anxious or my mind is too busy, the first thing that goes is my sleep. 


With two thirds of the UK suffering from stress and a third from insomnia, it has made me really question why we are not investing enough in looking after our mind and getting a good night’s sleep to cope better with life.

I work with children, teenagers and adults across many different conditions. 




Sessions are held online using Zoom

with flexible times to work for you

from the comfort of your own home.


Why Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective, safe treatment for children, teenagers and adults. 


It focuses on what you want to achieve now and in the future, rather than dwelling on past problems. 


Through a combination of talking therapy and hypnosis, you will learn how your mind works and what you can do to replace old, negative thought patterns with positive new ones. It is a collaborative process between client and therapist and enables you to make significant changes within a relatively short period of time. 


Neuroscientists believe that hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to make changes to your thought processes, as it’s when the mind is open to change. During this wonderful state of deep relaxation, your brain is working

4 times as hard as normal to process your thoughts. That’s why you will leave a session feeling positive and able to start making decisions.


And, unlike how hypnosis can be portrayed on TV or in the media, you will remain in complete control and be able to continue your day as normal. 

Symptoms I can help you with include:

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are responses to excessive or prolonged pressures or challenges in your current or past life. They can result in physical and emotional symptoms, including poor sleep, panic attacks, continual worrying, inability to focus, mood swings and teeth grinding.


Our sessions will help you to formulate a better way of coping with your situation, enabling you to respond in a clearer and calmer way to reduce the symptoms and sleep better.

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Around a third of us suffer from sleep problems, including falling or staying asleep. Anxiety is often the underlying issue, and worrying that you are not going to be able to sleep only makes the problem worse. 


Our sessions will develop a personalised sleep plan to create good sleep habits, reduce anxiety and get you sleeping better.

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When you feel your confidence slipping away it can really stop you doing things and enjoying life.  


Our sessions will help you get back on track and feel good about yourself. You will take small steps to step out of your comfort zone, see what is going well and move forward. You will also sleep better as your worries reduce.

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When a fear or phobia starts controlling you, stopping you doing what you want to do, it is time to take action. 


From a fear of flying to a fear of needles, and social anxiety to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), hypnotherapy uses gentle, safe non-exposure techniques to help you take control again.

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Many of us have a complicated relationship with food and eating. You may comfort eat when feeling anxious, or have unhelpful habits like snacking late at night.


Our sessions will help you take intellectual control over your relationship with food and your behaviour habits. You will also produce more serotonin and endorphins, which will help you crave food less and sleep better.

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Panic Attacks

Want to cope better with panic attacks?


Our sessions will help you reduce your worries and anxieties, and, most importantly, regain a sense of control and normality in your life. They will also help you change the way your body responds to triggers, so reducing the symptoms and boosting your confidence.

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Client Testimonials

"I now feel I can achieve anything I want to

and no longer worry about things that don't matter

or aren't important.


Tamsin's reassuring manner instantly put me at ease

and the sense of calmness and wellbeing after each session

was immense - like a wonderful brain massage."




Initial Online Consultation

1 hour | £30

Includes free Relaxation Audio Download

All further sessions are at a rate of £45 per session

Online sessions are delivered via Zoom, which is easy to use

from the comfort of your own home.


The first 3 sessions are sold in a block at £135 to build the required momentum

for changes to start taking place.

After 3 sessions we can discuss your personal plan going forwards

and how you feel your progress is developing.


Stop Smoking

1 x 2 hour session | £130

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