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Online sessions - weekday evenings & Fridays
Wedmore in-person sessions - Fridays

In-depth consultation including a relaxation recording - £60

We will talk about what you are struggling with and set goals for what you hope to get from our sessions.  I will talk to you about how our brain works which can be a lightbulb moment to understand how we feel the way we do and what we can do to change this. I'll send you a recording after the session to listen to as you go to sleep to aid relaxation and recovery. 

Follow up sessions - £60 

We will work together using Solution Focused talking therapy, NLP techniques and hypnosis to help you imagine and focus on how you want to feel instead of how you feel right now. Refreshingly, I won't be focusing on your problems or asking you to analyse your past behaviours - these sessions are all about moving forwards and you will find the sessions can include laughter and smiles.

6 session package upfront - £335

My most popular and cost-effective package., designed to give you commitment for life-long change. You'll have the time you deserve and need to explore how you want to change and to practice the repetition and reinforcement needed  to create new ways of thinking and behaving. The package includes further relaxation recordings and a summary report and toolkit at the end of the six sessions. Shorter or longer packages are available, please contact me to ask.  

Sleep Help - £360 

Six x 1 hour sessions, ideally held once a week, to reset your relationship with sleep. 

We'll explore the strong relationship between the mind and sleep, our perceptions around sleep and how to change these, and good sleep hygiene to get you back on track.

Walk and Talk Therapy - £60 

The benefits of the great outdoors are well known for both mind and body. Here we take our one hour sessions outside to walk and talk, making the most of our increased levels of endorphins and serotonin to find solutions to our problems.  Walk & Talk is offered within a 10 mile radius of Wedmore, Somerset, subject to availability and weather permitting.

Stop Smoking - £130 

A two hour session to stop smoking, including a relaxation recording

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