A 4-step programme for adults & young people suffering from insomnia or poor sleep.


The programme will address your relationship with sleep, challenging your beliefs and perceptions. You will also understand  how your brain directly affects your sleep, and create a personalised plan for what better sleep hygiene looks like for you.

It will also answer:

  • Do I need 8 hours sleep a night to function?

  • Can I sleep without sleeping pills?

  • Will poor sleep affect my long term health?

  • Will I ever sleep through the night again?

  • How can I enjoy my bedroom again?

The 4-step programme is ideally held once a week as a 1:1 session.  After 4 weeks we will review progress and 

decide if further sessions would be beneficial.

Session 1 - Sleep and the brain

How our brain's affect the way we sleep. The importance of REM and how to get more of it.

Session 2 - Changing your thoughts about sleep

How our thoughts and perceptions affect how we sleep and what we can do to change them.

Session 3 - Sleep and lifestyle

The impact of what we do in our day and our evenings on how we sleep

Session 4  - Perfect sleep

What does perfect sleep look like for you and how to maintain this.  Agreeing your personalised sleep plan.


Cost - £240

Image by David Mao